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(LIVE) Learning in Value Based Health Care Project

Project summary

The transition towards value based health care (VBHC) entails important changes in workflow and requires different ways of working. Care is organized in a team based approach and around the patient instead of around the medical discipline. The medical and patient reported outcomes are to be discussed with the individual patient and can lead in a shared decision making process to a change in treatment procedures and targets. Furthermore, VBHC means data capture of clinical outcome and process measures, but also patient reported outcomes in relation to the financial data. Appropriately trained staff is an essential condition for the transition towards VBHC, but currently the measures to carry out the trainings are not yet in place. Therefore, the project aims to create a network of professionals in VBHC training, to share good practices and outline the necessary conditions training in VBHC. Hence, the partners will:
1. define the new job profiles and changes in the work processes
2. describe the necessary knowledge, skills and attitude for the selected jobs
3. share existing good practices and analyse mismatch in training needs/offers
4. formulate recommendations for the implementation of training and education.


Staff members will gain insight how the skills and competences are going to change and training this requires. This will result in more opportunities for lifelong learning, further career options and higher motivation. The project supports VBHC which will result in higher patient satisfaction and ultimately in increased health gains.

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Principal Investigator:

Prof. dr. Jan Hazelzet

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