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Our research facilities

Research Facility name Facility details
Advanced therapy medicinal products (ATMP) Expert center for the production of advanced therapy medicinal products.


Clinical Bio-Informatics Services (CBIS) From data to knowledge (part of the Unit Clinical Bioinformatics within the department of Pathology)


Central Biobank 


Facilitating excellent scientific research using biomaterials.
FACS Sorting Shared Facility (FSSF)  Providing high quality sorting, technical support and advice for experimental design and specific sorting applications.


Erasmus MC Pathology Research and Trial Service (PARTS)  Supporting researchers within and outside the Erasmus MC with the emphasis on cell and tissue research.


EDC  Erasmus Laboratory Animal Science Center
OIC – Erasmus Optical Imaging Centre The Erasmus MC expert centre for advanced optical imaging knowledge and equipment
Genomics There are two Genomics facilities. The Center for Biomics and the  Erasmus MC Human Genomics Facility HuGe-F.
Generation R Generation R is a multi-ethnic prospective cohort study from fetal life until young adulthood in Rotterdam, The Netherlands.
ERGO ERGO, internationally known as ‘The Rotterdam Study’, is a prospective cohort study on risk factors and determinants of chronic diseases in middle-aged and elderly persons, that started in 1990.
Biomics (Erasmus Center for Biomics) The Erasmus Center for Biomics offers applications & services for fundamental and clinical research and diagnostics using next generation sequencing & microarrays.


Proteomics The Proteomics Center develops mass spectrometry based proteomics technology
iPS  The iPS Core Facility is an academic facility generating high quality and well characterized iPS cell lines and their derivatives from patients and healthy controls for academic and non-academic community.
EMI Experimental Medical Instrumentation: Innovative partner in the development of unique medical instruments and experimental set-ups.
AMIE Applied Molecular Imaging Erasmus MC. The AMIE is a facility where pre-clinical imaging equipment is centrally located and accessible to investigators with a research question which can be answered using the specialist equipment under guidance of imaging experts.