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(ImmunAID) Immunome project consortium for AutoInflammatory Disorders

Project summary

Systemic autoinflammatory diseases (SAID) encompass several rare disorders characterised by extensive clinical and biological inflammation. SAID are caused by the dysregulation of the innate immune system. Due to numerous and unspecific symptoms, tentative diagnosis often leads to failure/delay and inadequate treatments. ImmunAID will deliver a method for rapid and accurate diagnosis across all the spectrum of SAID, in order to improve clinical management of SAID patients. ImmunAID will disentangle the spectrum of SAID, and propose a new omics- and pathogenesis-based SAID classification associated to a clinical decision making algorithm implementable in daily practice. An efficient dissemination plan will target e.g. guideline-forming bodies, the medical community and patients with the help of the ERN RITA and with the objective of turning our results into clinical practice. To further support this, proactive innovation management will be implemented. To reach its ambitious goals, ImmunAID interdisciplinary consortium gathers high-level partners, including the founder of SAID concept, experts in omics science, immunology, bioinformatics, and involves clinicians and patient advocacy groups.


A rapid and accurate diagnosis across all the spectrum of SAID will ensure good and clinical management of SAID patients.

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Principal Investigator:

Prof. dr. Peter Katsikis

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Horizon 2020