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(QUANTO) Quantitative ultrasound angiography for 3D re-perfusion imaging

Project summary

After hospital intervention for opening of clogged cardiac arteries, one-third of patients show no restored blood perfusion in the heart wall. The researchers will build a new echographic system to monitor the perfusion in the heart wall during the intervention, which enables patient-specific treatment for better health afterwards.


The QUANTO project provides the key tool for re-perfusion measurements at the intervention table, where the real impact on treatment can be realized. On a higher level, the technology of the versatile platform for 3D high frame rate contrast ultrasound will be shared with several international research groups to accelerate pre-clinical and clinical research on cardiovascular diseases and cancer. Ultrasound companies are supporting this project which improves impact of the new technology.

More detailed information

Principal Investigator:

Dr. Rik Vos

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