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(CEASE-trial) Diagnostic tool to safely CEASE anti-TNF therapy in Crohn’s Disease

Project summary

About a quarter of the patients in the Netherlands with Crohn’s disease are treated for a long time with anti-TNF medicines (anti-inflammatory drugs). This treatment is often effective; however, (serious) side effects can occur and there are high costs involved (€ 12,500 / patient / year).
Stopping anti-TNF drugs seems to be a real (safe) option for certain patients. Recent research indicates the existence of indicators that predict the risk of the disease flaring up after treatment discontinuation.
The aim of the CEASE study is to develop a predictive diagnostic instrument based on the weighting of these indicators.


The more targeted use of anti-TNF drugs will lead to health benefits for the patient and lead to cost savings.

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Principal Investigator:

Dr. Annemarie de Vries

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