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Get Wise About Your Health, Supporting People with Intellectual Disability to be Healthy

Project summary

This project will co-create and deliver an innovative online platform in conjunction with people with intellectual disability. This education, delivered in an accessible easy-read manner, addresses two great difficulties people with intellectual disability experience in managing their own health. Firstly, due to greater health challenges compared to those of their non-disabled peers, health needs are often unmet, resulting in significant health disparities globally. Secondly, people with intellectual disability have high levels of communication difficulties, with one in three reporting difficulty when talking to their healthcare professionals. Therefore, the need for reasonable adjustment when developing any form of education is essential. This project will empower individuals with intellectual disability with the knowledge, skills and confidence to manage their own health.


People with intellectual disability will obtain greater preparedness and improved confidence for engagement and communicating with healthcare professionals. They will acquire new knowledge on health problems and what maintaining their own health entails. In this way this project will result in a more efficient and effective healthcare delivery, and better health outcomes for people with intellectual disabilities

More detailed information

Principal Investigator:

Dr. Alyt Oppewal

Role Erasmus MC:



Chair of Intellectual Disability Medicine, Department of General Practice

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Funding Agency:

EIT Health