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Hypercollar3D technology

Project summary

Sensius offers a complete solution to administer deep thermotherapy for the head and neck region. The solution is based on the Hypercollar3D technology from Erasmus Medical Center Cancer Center. Development started more than 10 years ago and several dozens of patients have been treated with the Hypercollar and the Hypercollar3D.
A key element in the design of the HyperCollar3D is to control SAR in virtually all regions of the full head & neck area. Organs at risk like the spinal cord, eyes and other areas can be properly protected against hotspots through its smart placement and control of antenna power. The Hypercollar3D solution treatment is fully supported by software planning and control during treatment delivery. This level of planning enables the radiation-oncologist to set specific treatment objectives and minimize undesired side effects. During treatment, near-realtime adaptation of the plan is possible based on measurements and patient feedback. Treatment interruption is minimized. The horseshoe shape of the applicator ensures patient comfort and facilitates patient setup and easy evacuation after treatment.

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Principal Investigator:

Prof. dr. Gerard van Rhoon & dr. Maarten Paulides


Project website:

Funding Agency:

Horizon 2020