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INnate-ImmunomeTabolIsm as Antiviral TargEt (INITIATE)

Project summary

Training on immunometabolism: the future of antiviral strategies.

The EU-funded INITIATE project will bring together experts in academia and industry to offer an interdisciplinary scientific training programme on the interaction of viral infection, host metabolism and immune defence. The aim is to provide unprecedented knowledge that can be translated into novel therapeutic interventions against viral infections and tackle future epidemics or pandemics.


The innate immune system is at the forefront against viral pathogens. Metabolic reprogramming of immune cells seems to impact the host antiviral and inflammatory response to virus infections, emerging as a promising new path for antiviral remedies.

More detailed information

Principal Investigator:

Bernadette van den Hoogen

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Project website:

Not available

Funding Agency:

Horizon2020 MSCA ITN