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Mixed Reality supporting Advanced Medical Education - a new method of teaching medical skills (MRAME)

Project summary

The primary goal is to share ideas, practices and methods in innovative filed, which is Mixed Reality (MR) for educational purpose. The simulation of medical procedures through MR system offers an opportunity to train medical students, paramedics and doctors across a range of specialists in a safe (risk-free), realistic and repeatable environment. It eliminates harmful consequences to patients and offers repeatable procedures.


The project aims to support opportunities for all medicine students (who cannot participate in on-site exercises for their personal health reasons and, for example, due to social isolation during a pandemic) in acquiring and developing key competences, including clinical skills, for example: history-taking, physical examination, clinical investigations, using diagnostic reasoning, procedural perfection, effective communication, team work and professionalism.

Moreover, the project supports teachers, medical doctors working with students, educational leaders and medical staff in the use of advanced teaching and e-learning methods using a MR (VR and AR).


Virtual patients provide the opportunity to practice interactive skills such as taking a patient’s history, diagnosing medical disorders and prescribing medications while receiving quantitative and qualitative feedback. Areas covered in this project:

  1. Teaching human anatomy
  2. Assessing of clinical skills
  3. Teaching surgical procedures from a first-person perspective
  4. Trauma room simulation
  5. Psychological assessment of using mixed reality


Enhanced readiness of medical trainees to interact successfully with real patients, increased the availability of training resources for larger numbers of trainees, and increased patient safety.

More detailed information

Principal Investigator:

Dr. Nico Bruining

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