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(PRISAR2) Proactive monitoring of cancer as an alternative to surgery

Project summary

From 2016 -2019, the “first” PRISAR consortium implemented the first Dutch RISE project of H2020 to investigate the use of imaging technologies and hybrid fluorescence/radionuclide probes for the surgical intervention of cancer. PRISAR2 implement the next logical phase of this work, which is to clinically translate new and innovative monitoring technologies from industry. When a patient is discovered to have cancer, one of the primary goals is to have the tumour removed by surgery. Here, however, we aim to (a) develop new monitoring technologies from industry so that the surveillance window can be increased to allow for better treatment options over time and to avoid surgery, (b) develop new ‘watch and wait’ strategies in order to study the behaviour of the cancer so that any risks to the patient can be minimized leading to a better clinical outcome.


This project will aim to train a new generation of preclinical and clinical scientists to be able to implement this new concept as standard of care and to maximise the benefits of an active monitoring policy.

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