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Sensitive blood test that starts early with anti-hormonal therapy treatment with or without CDK4 / 6 inhibitor in metastatic breast cancer

Project summary

CDK4 / 6 inhibitors are expensive drugs that have long term effects for many breast cancer patients, but not for everyone. How do you quickly know who benefits from the treatment?
The researchers want to develop a test that shows at an early stage whether it is useful to combine hormone therapy in metastatic breast cancer with an expensive drug that works well, but by no means for every patient. If it is possible to determine quickly with a blood test whether patients do not benefit from the additional CDK4 / 6 inhibitors. Additional side effects from a drug that is not effective can be prevented.


This project will contribute to a better choice of treatment and it will save the healthcare sector the long-term administration of expensive medicines for a group that does not benefit.

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