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(SHEBUCAR) Setting up a healthy business in healthcare - The Health Entrepreneurship Summerschool

Project summary

This Summer School helps entrepreneurs and would-be entrepreneurs learn to navigate the complex landscape of healthcare experts and stakeholders who must be dealt with if an innovation is going to see the light of day. Healthcare involves large variety of domain experts and stakeholders: doctors, nurses, patients, researchers, hospital managers, policy makers, healthcare engineers, insurance companies, etc. The Health Entrepreneurship Summer School uses challenges from the healthcare provider as input for a creative process, during which students develop solutions. Participants are submerged in interactive sessions covering the variety of healthcare perspectives, policies, reimbursements, creative processes, validations, business models and financing. This development process is guided by experts from healthcare, insurance, banking and business development, as well as entrepreneurs. The anticipated end result of Health Entrepreneurship Summer School is a minimum viable proposition that participants can develop further in the Campus SHAPE programme or in the validation labs of YES!Delft, ISGlobal or at “la Caixa” Banking Foundation.


The students take these challenges through a robust development process of analysis, ideation and financing, in order to create targeted solutions that lead to business plans and, ultimately, new start-ups.

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