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Tailored lifestyle advice for mothers with a complicated pregnancy

Project summary

Women with severe pregnancy poisoning in their history have an increased risk of cardiovascular disease later in life. The follow-up pre-eclampsia (FUPEC) outpatient clinic of the Erasmus Medical Center provides long-term follow-up care for the prevention of cardiovascular disease. Hereby women receive a general lifestyle advice to improve their lifestyle. In this project we develop tailor-made lifestyle advice, taking into account the specific obstacles and needs of this group of women.

The advice is developed on the basis of existing knowledge and input from healthcare professionals and patients from the FUPEC outpatient clinic. The end products of this project are tailor-made information brochures and consultations at the FUPEC outpatient clinic.


In the case of a positive project evaluation, it is investigated whether the tailor-made lifestyle advice can be extended to other groups of women inside and outside the hospital setting.

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Principal Investigator:

Dr. A.I. Wijtzes

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