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The (cost) effectiveness of neoadjuvant FOLFIRINOX versus direct surgery for patients with (borderline) resectable pancreatic cancer (the PREOPANC-2 study)

Project summary

Some of the patients with pancreatic cancer undergo major surgery that turned out to be unnecessary, because the disease had already spread. Could pre-chemotherapy be a solution?

With this study, the researchers want to study whether a particular chemotherapy regimen prior to pancreatic cancer surgery is more effective than surgery followed by chemotherapy (the current standard).

Why is this research necessary?
This research is necessary because an operation for pancreatic cancer is only useful if there are no metastases. But metastases are often difficult to detect. As a result, patients sometimes undergo major surgery that turned out to have been unnecessary. Moreover, half of the patients are not fit enough to undergo chemotherapy after this major operation.

It is known that patients with an inoperable pancreatic tumor often live longer and more pleasantly because of the chemotherapy FOLFIRINOX. Do patients whose pancreatic tumor can be removed by surgery also benefit from this chemotherapy?

How is this research conducted?
To conduct this research, the researchers will approach patients in various hospitals. Ultimately, 260 patients with pancreatic cancer without visible metastases are needed. Half will receive standard treatment (surgery followed by chemotherapy). The other half will first receive FOLFIRINOX followed by surgery.


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