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Visual technology integrating quantitative patient outcomes to support multidisciplinary clinical decision making

Project summary

During the management of cancer patients many decisions have to be made, often in multidisciplinary teams or tumour boards. These decisions are complex due to the increasing number of clinically available parameters in the field of imaging, pathology and genomics. However, their relation and relative importance compared to traditional parameters are unknown and often not standardized. Especially, there is a strong clinical need for technology that allows for objective quantitation of imaging and pathology outcomes. This project will develop objectively assessed quantitative patient outcomes captured in visual technology and combined with algorithms to support multidisciplinary clinical decision making. A group of users and end-users will analyse which method of presentation is preferable. As an example prostate cancer is used, but the technology will also be applicable for use in other tumours.


This way of decision making should improve individual healthcare.

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Principal Investigator:

prof. dr. C.H. Bangma

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