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What does the T cell do in the brain of MS patients?

Project summary

T cells are central to our models on how the damage is caused by MS. However, we actually have little knowledge about what drives these immune cells in MS tissue and how they cause damage. Based on our preliminary work and thanks to new technological developments, the researchers are now able to separately analyze each T cell from brain tissue. This is a crucial step to identify the cause of MS.


To identify the cause of MS, it is important to know what T cells recognize in the central nervous system of MS patients and what (causal) role these immune cells perform at the sites of damage. Better understanding of the role of the T cells in  the development of MS will lead to better targeted therapy can be developed.

More detailed information

Principal Investigator:

Dr. George Verjans

Role Erasmus MC:



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Funding Agency:

Stichting MS Research