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YP Face IT!

Project summary

In the Netherlands there are more than 250,000 young people with a visible condition, which can be congenital and / or the result of a skin condition, trauma, illness or medical treatment. Research shows that one third of these young people develop psychological problems as a result. They have insufficient self-confidence, are dissatisfied with their bodies, and feel anxious in social situations .
In England an online intervention has been developed for young people with visible disorders: “YP Face It”, derived from an evidence-based program for adults. It has been shown that “YP Face It” meets a need among the target group, leads to more self-confidence and a decrease in the degree of anxiety in social situations.
This project will translate the English program into Dutch and will determine whether Dutch youngsters who are confronted with an appearance-related problem can also benefit from the program.


If the programme can be translated and implemented successfully, it will help Dutch youngsters who are confronted with an appearance-related problem to be more self-confident, more satisfied with their body, and less anxious in social situations. This will result in youngsters with less psychological problems and a better quality of life.

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