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(ExuCheck) Smart Drain for early detection of post-operative infection

Project summary

The consortium involved in ExuCheck is developing a complete monitoring system to allow for much earlier detection of infection resulting from colorectal anastomosis leakage. This project will allow the consortium to mature the system and bring it to the door of clinical evaluation. The solution is structured around three innovative subsystems:

  • The analytical device, including pH and lactate sensors, to continuously measure the concentration of biomarkers in bodily fluids (exudates), and the electronic controller, to read and send the data to a display – with smartphone via an app or with a monitoring platform via the hospital central server. The analytical device will be inserted seamlessly by medical staff into the drain line classically used after colorectal surgery. Its design must ensure smooth adoption by the medical teams and should limit surgical procedure modifications.
  • The clinical algorithm, to trigger alerts according to biomarker changes. The algorithm will be established based on data provided by a medico-economic clinical trial.

The clinician interface, to allow the clinicians to follow the evolution of biomarkers and receive alerts. A usability study will provide inputs for development of the interface.


Earlier detection will limit post-operative complications and allow conservative measures, helping limit the chronic diseases associated to anastomotic leakage, such as colorectal cancer and permanent colostomy. Patients will benefit from improved post-operative follow-up and better long-term quality of life. Medical professionals will benefit from improved and continuous monitoring of post-operative infections. Payers benefit from decreased re-admission rate and more efficient treatment.

More detailed information

Principal Investigator:

Pim Edomskis MSc

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EIT Health